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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 27, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> sky 7 over demonstration tonight where group of protesting the killing of man today by an oakland police officer. oakland police are defending the officer saying the suspect hit her in the head with a bike chain before she used deadly force. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> at that protest tonight a woman showed the crowd her cell phone video of the scene moments after the shooting happened. watch. >> he's dying somebody help hi
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him. >> him if you cap see the police officer holding her gun near by witness call for help and several minutes later other officers arrive. about now it happened this morning at van burien avenue across from lake merit here's laura anthony with more. reporter: this cell phone video show the minutes after oakland police officer shot and mortally wounded man who investigators say had just struck her with his metal bike chain. >> metal chain swung at an individual is a weapon. no doubt. >> i ran out and then i seen this man laying on the ground and then i seen the officer sitting on the side. >>reporter: michelle heard the shots and recorded this video on her kill phone that shows the suspect on the ground. >> she looked lucky she had some blood on the side of her face. looked lucky it had something something did happen the but it was just 2 extreme. >>reporter: officer 18 year veteran in stable condition with injuries to her head and face. mayor was at the
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hospital. >> days like today are very difficult for oak licensed. >>reporter: neighbors tell us the man was a regular in the neighborhood often sleeping wherever he could. sometimes being combat which have those who try to get him to move along. >> instead of shooting him they could have like taser him or mace him. i don't think what he did was worth his life being taken just by knowing him personally. >> police said stint was recorded by the officer's body camera and theory viewing that as part of the investigation. in oakland, the abc 7 news. >> if pilot of single engine plane walked away unharmed this evening after crashing single engine ultra light plane. plane went down shortly after pilot took off from san carlos airport just after 5:00 o'clock we were overhead after the incident. it went down couple block away from the airport nose diving into the ground. fortunately northbound hurt. faa investigating the cause of the crash. >> search uchbd way for
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for man accused of fatal hit-and-run. happened at if l early this morning. the chris winn has late developments. >> at the intersection here heart brick and tragedy con vivrnlt could have been me i walk here every morning around the pwlochblingt after this, i have my grand daughter. no way i'm going to chance it. >> neighbors grieve over the loss of a woman killed by hit-and-run driver. coroner office has identified the victim as 46-year-old laura reyes of san jose. >> this is a park. school fear by. there was kid waiting for the buses and those kind of things. so it's quite a tragedy and very dangerous. very dangerous. >> police say the collision happened at the southern tip of welch park. based on evidence at the scene it appears a driver in a may rupe sedan left the roadway. hit reyes on the sidewalk and then sped off abandoning the car few blocks away. speeding in the area has
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been problem in the year with countless crash and inconsiderate drivers. school started and seems like getting worse. don't even stop for the kids when they cross the street in the morning. >>reporter: homeowner may have captured suspect with the camera. we covered the map's face but in the video you can see him here walking across the drive wait a minute however police have not commented on whether this is a man they are looking for. but tonight neighbors are sending a clear message to the person who may have been responsible for claiming reyes's life. >> may take time no matter what but they will finance you. stay there. don't be a coward and just run off. >> and leave a person dying on the street. >> this the is san jose 31st traffic fatality of the year and 14th involving a pedestrian. in san jose, chris winn abc 7 news. >> about messages popping up on mural in san francisco. and some people are blaming donald trump rhetoric against undocumented immigrants. the phrase white power has been
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painted over 3 mission district mural along 24th street. mural depict latino culture. it shows the mexico pay the respect saichbility it does seam to be hateful in nature. donald trump seems to be stirring up a lot of anger and white folk angry at immigrant and this neighborhood is populated by mainly latino immigrant. >> the some of the graffiti also includes the initials for the aryan brotherhood. they hope itemize lited and since repaired the mural. >> new details tonight in the vallejo kidnapping dub the real life gone girl case. suspect matthew mueller attorney says committee piece of evidence linking the crime to the kidnapping and another crime in dublin should be thrown out. melanie explains yichlt after vallejo police called denise march kid inspecting a hoax it seemed the case was over. until june when if they respond
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to home i hope vegas robbery. victim fought off the robber but he left behind a key piece of evidence. >> he left his cell phone. >> cell phone locked so detectives made an emergency 911 call. operator gave them the phone number which they then used to faip out who the phone water registered to. information that brought detectives to matthew mueller parents. then to him that the south lake tahoe home. the investigators found even more evidence alledgedly linking mueller to the march vallejo kidnapping. that's when fbi agents obtained a warrant for mueller who was already in jail facing charges in the dublin home invasion. >> put the case together and turned out great. >> now the mueller attorneys claim detectives search the cell phone were you the a warrant. >> phone is really a window into the entire investigation. >> if the search of the phone is suppressed mueller attorney says the i don't know the what evidence would row main. >> home i hope vegas victim is
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not a party in theal mead county case but her attorney told us we recognizes the implication the motion could have in a subsequent federal case. by phone he said i'm glad the rate person was apprehended. it would be tranl physical this case is dismissed on technicality while clever this argument ultimately has no merit. >> it seems even mueller attorney isn't sure his claim would hold up in federal court. >> freight train sometimes. and i doubt that they take the fat off the gas even if there was app adverse ruling here in. pleasanton, melanie abc 7 new news. >> low pressure for the burl game dog sitter accused of animal cruelty pleaded not guilty in court today. linda did not have to appear since she faces a misdemeanor charge. case came to the san mateo county da office after the neighbor captured this video. grabbing the dog by the neck and appearing to throw it to
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the ground. >> owner was watching television actually saw the video and recognized the her dog being on the video so at that point she got in touch with the peninsula humane society and they the brought the dog in for an examination. thankfully no injuries. >>reporter: prosecutors say that's why she want charged with felony. she's out of jill on 10,000 dollar bond and officials say she doesn't rave a business license and is not permitted to board pet where she lives. >> dead wail lodge under dock in alameda now removed. harbor master christina wright september us this cell phone video showing the army corps of engineers together it out to deep water at 8:00 o'clock this morning. we also followed the national ocean at most peer ick administration says the whale is taken to place for neck respect situation. whale was dragged into the the area by a ship belong to go madsen. not clear if it was dead or awhile
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when hit by the ship. >> we have much more ahead for you on this thursday night. coming up. saving water. state issue report card open how good of a job we did as the drought continues. >> drought is the semi pock lip ticket also how this east bay man keeping the pool and saving water at the same time. >> drew is here with the weather. >> it was intense youly warm in spots today but we reached the peak of the heat. chance of few drops. details accu-weather ahead. >> thanks. we are all living longer lives. much listeninger. we explain what is zoo you everyone expected
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the hearing to end today. defense only had one witness. but then the prosecution unexpectedly asked the judge for more time. 7 news reporter vic lee was in court today. >> today public defender gonzalez called his only witness. jim norris former head of the san francisco police crime lab. gonzalez believes the gun lopez sanchez is accused of firing accidentally discharged in his
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hand. norris testimony supported gonzalez position. he said the weapon 6 caliber similar to this one has no safety switch. and the weapon has a trigger that requires little force to pull. the supporting the defense position that it could have accidentally gone off. police investigators also testified that the bullet hit the ground and ricochet fatally striking her in the back. outside the courtroom norris told reporters at the does believe sanchez unintentionally shot kate stei steinly. >> this is not the way would you try to somewhat sochbility you can't ricochet bullet off surface and try to hit somebody tough. aim a gun at the person and shoot them. >> prosecution believes sanchez was aiming his gun at steinly when it went off. >> we believe the charging decision is proper and kevt has been charged with murder for that reason. >>reporter: what is more police criminalist smith who examined the gun testified during the hearings that the
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trigger had to be pulled for the gun to good off. but admitted later and cross examination that it could miss fire. at prosecution request the judge continued the preliminary hearing to next month. vic lee abc 7 news. >> new details tonight on the driver accused of causing explosion at santa clara strip mall then just taking off. 4 47-year-old sarah tv turned herself in this afternoon. santa clara woman accused of ramming her car in a gas meter near lawrence expressway and the sienna drive yesterday. collision ruptured gas lip caution explosion that destroyed 5 businesses and hurt 2 people. investigators say 4 40-year-old man sunnyvale biggest break out at storm area at alameda point. right into an adjacent building that
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include the studio there. space for furniture maker print and metal worker. 4 others fires report entered 4 block radius about the same time. additional smaller fires report the hours later. >> san francisco police department decision to he equipment officers with drug that reverses the effect of the this. the officer gave the drug the lock zone to man he found nearly dead on 16 street intercap on june 14. man regained consciousness in moments and survived. it was the first time the drug had been used since the department launch the 2 year opiate over dose prevention treatment pilot program back in march. >> water officials reless water on the water use. state is doing well and gone beyond the rirmentd. back in april the governor mandated 25% about reduction for the entire state. month of july we introduce the use by 38 percent. santa rosa
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by 44 percent. on average the state water use dropped 31 percent last month. >> i think the largest saving come from folk him if on average urban california an use 50% or more of that the ornamental turf. >> officials not yet issued fines to under performing water agencies. the fines though could start at 500 dollars a day. well with the drought pushing water prices sky high own ago pool becomes pricey proposition. whether or not you actually swim in it beautiful when east bay couple decided that enough was enough here that conclusion was conventional. >> they have often wondered what the this innings are. they look like an orange but certainly don't taste like one. >> they say mysterious fruit tree came with the house and so do this if. >> my daughters and i thought it would be fabuloustor their
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if car and we don't use the pool at all any more. >> but a pool is a are the of work so the johnson to take the plunge. hair to i that this is a taken up by a large pool. now they have a lot more space to plant lots of green. >> almost think they forgot something. stool the if you aren't going to use that just fill in. >> she wanted to keep the yard already and green putting the store rain water tonight. you have the whole already made out of plastic block. >> they are super strong. black form surface strong enough to drive a truck over. equally important is how much empty space there is in the middle. if holding 7500 gallon
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of down society pipe to that. >> rape captured from the roof will pup. >> that's where the. >> next half invest any. >> i'm grade get this out of it. >> the qulevr. >> it nice time to turn to our weather. rain. >> maichbility if drew is here if with the possibility. >> possibility. light chance mainly in the north bay 81 nice and cool what we went through today. l. >> there you go. >>e some water buck about us then snop.
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>> the big story today it was hot in many location. look at this. 100 high in fairfield. 102 antioch. 102 livermore and warm in oakland. 96 santa ros rosa. 79 in downtown san francisco. even at this hour we are warm in many spots. 82 still in antioch. 81 livermor livermore. 72 oakland. 69 downtown san francisco and san jose checking in at 74 degree you. >> we are not used to this sit site. we are used to low clouds fog with high pressure control plenty of stars as clear sky beautiful picture downtown san francisco. calling for the heat to tairp off much cooler until if we go saturday and this is the set up right noucht first player in the game. high pressure this
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bridge slowly starting to rae treat to the east. replace it area of low pressure weak moving cold front now bring us some clouds first think tomorrow. first difference you see in the forecast on friday. f high cloud start off the day then on saturday that's when the cold front moves through. the slight chance of showers here or there mainly con find to the north bay around santa rosa and clover dale and out of here by saturday. cooler pattern we look forward to 92 many of neck week tell mild night clear sky across the bay area tonight. then high for your friday. high clouds in the south bay. 88 san jose. 86 santa clara. 85 sunnyvale. 86 milpitas and along the pacifica. 83 san mateo. 88 los gatos. you cooler down but warm. if 88 fv 80 degree san
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leandro. 78 the high in richmond. 94 in fairfield. tomorrow hot in pittsburgh. 91 in pleasanton at the here's accu-weather 7 day forecast heat eases tomorrow. stavt off the cooler temperatures really move in and really notice it over the weekend. >> thanks drew. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. sea will he feel are on the rise but nasa now says it's unavoidable. i st.wmakers do
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>> nasa sets that sea level continue to rise and that the problem is likely to get worse. data release by nasa sea levels are three inches higher than they were in 1992. due to melting ice from mountain glacier and the polar ice cap as well as warmer ocean. scientists say while levels rose 9 inches in some area they fell along the the they could see a human number in sea level next the him if age the is a to 18 to 21 and ban electronic cigarettes from movie theaters and other public places where smoking is ban. senator leno oppose the e-cig receipts after use had triple in the last if you years with teenagers. this is the second attempt this year to raise the smoking aim. bill
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still has to get through the state assembly. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9 coming up next as we continue tropical storm erica drevrms the caribbean. massive flooding and rock slides too. drew has more. >> also the stock market takes off. thanks to a little help from asia. >> and christmas before labor day? all mart plan to get us all in the christmas spirit earlier the christmas spirit earlier than ever. 7 news
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>> tropical storm erica drenched the caribbean island of dominica. >> heavy rain pounded the island. 4 people killed and 25 to 30 people are now missing.
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>> island prime minister tweet that had his government is focused on search and rescue mission. both homes and cars were swept away in the storm. >> now the whitney sent us some pictures. she has relatives living on dominica and says the damage is serious and significant. >> 7 news if has more on erica tonight. drew. >> next 24 hours will be key to see if erica can 10 her healthy status. will continuer high ter rap low. tropical storm whip if she make a path with high terrain she has warm water ahead of it that shake her 87 and 90 degrees high octane full for tropical system. here's latest forecast track of erica by sunday very close to in. even turning that category one storm by monday evening. with
9:31 pm
winds at 75 miles per hour but something to keep in mind there's about 400 mile area the center of erica could beat. still something we have to watch but definitely florida has some concern to have over the next day latest open another tropical system coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks very much drew. on to stock market good news in china good news for wall stree street. stock close-up sharply higher today. invest norse a big mood second straight day after chinese stock market saw the biggest gain in 8 weeks. fires reacting to report expanded than anticipated. closed 3 69 points capping best 2 game single at this time and s&p piv00 up 47 points. >> vice president biden pulling better than hillary clinton in hypothetical match up against
9:32 pm
at the time top germ plasm candidates f.use 28 percent support from rental terd republican voters. at that time dlaits carson registered 12 percent. jeb bush at record leof 37 percent clinton would beat trump 45 to 41 percent and biden top trump 48 to 40 percent. vice president has not said whether he intends to run. here's a new political feud. >> in the swing state of ohio hillary clinton coming out swinging. sxairing republicans to terrorists on women issues. >> extreme view about women we expect that from some of the terrorists. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the living world but a
9:33 pm
little hard to take republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> tonight the raveal firing back. jeb bush tweeting hillary clinton compares pro life experience parenthood treatment of the unborn and deposited trump. >> i'll take care of women health and better health issues better than fib and far better than hilary would doesn't have a clue. >> new poll there are choice wards to describe the candidate the and people say liar. dishonest. untruth worthy. for trump it's hair gant below hard that comes to mind for bush. >> you have to do an fption this is getting caevdz. >> word overt day the bizarre. trump on the trail in south carolina inviting supporter on change to touch his hair to prove once and for all that it
9:34 pm
is indeed real. >> i believe it is. >> thank you. >> new pull ought seems to show hillary clinton far ahead of her path but it does show she's slimming when it comes trustworthiness. 6 in 10 voters don't find her to be honest or e-mails be this is abc news thom president walked through the city many neighborhood this afternoon annual. >> this is an example what people happen when people rally to build a better challenge like all 2005. killed nearly 2000 people no, sirly in new orleans. >> calendar may still say summer tonight wal-mart shelling shop investigators get in the christmas now. firing
9:35 pm
up the hotel difficult season lee away plan early than ever. the retail war start now more than a week away el. >> tonight wal-mart hoping to have you do this if 4 months before christmas smalingts retailers want to get customers as soon as possible and they are jumping the gun they aid t.d. >> if you are pro jeblinged to 20 pills. >> proud by our committee parent. washington mart betting if the first will be with it starting september fourth roo tailer will stomach manystar wars" items in and out with its own me night the
9:36 pm
for is to. >> "star wars"is everything this hotel difficult season. that's where the so i wax is. i they want the first place to get you spending gets the bi biggest change of your holiday weekend fch. >> the secret of the fruit fry.
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s . >> photographers are going to love this. starting today instagram users can up load photo in 3 format. square. landscape or portrait. until now square was the tomorrow
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tell we have an ingram pay him you can check us out the users need to update from the apple and going bishop about on monday setting new milestone for the company. ceo mark zuckerberg says usage peaked with one in 7 people on earth using facebook monday. he says quote it's just the beginning of connecting the whole world. >> one if 7. incredible. >> which area researchers have mid a new brick through in the robot revolution. if you happen to be the subject of their research you are in for a close encounter of the scientific behind. >> switch blaze one of these fruit fly might feel like the target offal the red light then the beam from mother ship locks on. >> when the fly becomes stationary the robot will good in and pick up the fly with this vacuum base picker.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: you are being topped by superior courts who wants to study your brain that goes on with row bat ick pre-scition at proof the system at the will be. >>reporter: this is only one piece of large pistol pressen t fruit fly most usable creature in sense less in sigh own. to near 0diseases like park response snootser and team designed automated robotic fruit flight cone in real tim to so be if mounted on wrought bought. >> this couple power null to distinguish the best can't dads down to the note if may i use this. >>reporter: fly cook several
9:42 pm
yerts inform researchers conduct experiments without harming the flies. but the team believes will be in responsible after is he a fleeting scientific opportunit opportunity. >> then release in all 3 of them and the fly are now free. >> off they go. one recent project mike stop 68 literally difficult e the human being. difficult e the human being. >> fix 7 on this the it
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>> this is interesting. encouraging. people live longer by more than 6 years since 19 nichlt researchers say
9:46 pm
new treatment for hiv/aids may layer why and other illnesses and disorders have drastically improved life expectancy as of 2013 the global life expectancy for beth gender is now 71 and a half years old. that's up from 65 t.heart disease. respiratory infection and stroke among the leading killer still. country with the longest life expectancy japan singapore and if spain and france and iceland >> tesla share sky rocketed after consumer report put the newest car through the paces. closing bell palo alto company was up 18 points and held steady after hours trading all because tesla latest car did better than any other car consumer report has rated. hears michael. >> consumer reports put the test will model s p 85 d through complete testing at the track including acceleration. breaking. and handling.
9:47 pm
>> all electric tesla ace all the test even out performing original tesla model s efficiency and sweet. >> we recorded the zero 60 time 3.5 seconds. that make it quickest car we ever tested at consumer report and faster and all wheel drive it's more efficient getting equivalent of 87 miles per gallon. >> down side shocking price ta tag. consumer report 128,000 dollars. >> not about the car. about what the car represents. gives awe glimpse in the future of the automotive industry. technology that gives you all the most advance safety featur feature. about technology that allow the car updated over the air overnight. and extreme efficiency. number of charging station is growing. now more than 200 and the tesla p 85 did easily goes between charges. about three times farther than other electric cars. christian bang is one of the 7200
9:48 pm
americans whose bought a p 85 d. he's owned it 6 months and is thrilled. >> horsepower technology the sound system the touch screen everything is so easy to use and so driver friendly. >> hope is that tesla advances and impressive fuel efficiency will show up on lower prison car before too long. >> and that was michael finy reporting. >> let's go back and update the weather forecast. >> drew is here with the latest. >> we track cooler changes on the way through saturday and sunday. we paint a clear quiet picture but we are tracking in the pacific next tropical system. this is hurricane if winds 90 miles per hour and category 1 storm. moving to the west north west at 13. we will strengthen into category storm over the next day or so then we watch it as it goes very close to hawaii. right now the track of the storm would keep it north of hawaii as category one storm but nonetheless hikely high surf
9:49 pm
and some drenching rain showers there early next week. back at home tomorrow clouds move in and changes in northern california. if 92 in l.a. zoom in and show you mainly sunny sky warm just not as hot we were today. downtown san francisco 80 oakland tomorrow and naacp concord 88 san jose and santa rosa also to 88 degrees. 7 day forecast heat eases tomorrow. slight chance of wet weather saturday morning otherwise it's cool comfortable much of next week. >> nice. thanks so much drew. >> cameraman on segue took down the fastest moon in the world. jamaica sprinter bolt it happened last night just after the olympian won the 200 meter race at the track and field world championship and beijing. ran that bottle and knocked him down. bolt recovered with a backward summer assault and joked his competition trying to kill him. had he a few minor cut but navrngfully no leg
9:50 pm
injuries. >> that could have been bad. >> got that fast. if let's talk giants. strike out the side in the first inning. that's usually a sign of things to come. gem and fielding
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a. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. disgraced real estate tycoon from san francisco gives first interview from jill to the abc 7 news i-team. dan talks to lucky luke convicted in 11 million dollar art scam. >> and wild story of survival. 2 east bay women were found after spending several days in the sierra with only bathing suit and towels for cover. what they were forced to did to survive. >> it's a story too. those stories and more coming up at stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7 if. >> giants had early game today. >> they did i know deed. collin is in for larry. >> were you there. >> no. if stuck in traffic.
9:54 pm
>> none of us there. too bad. great game to goo. heroic the no longer a sprays. kind of a weekly occurrence. madison man handling the cubs this afternoon to earn the fifth con sbingtive we know. guy one of the athletic streak. we know about the power at the plate. rarity for pitcher but the guy nimble. omar. the throw behind him. look at the dance. what play in the 3rd inning. giants 2-1 lead in the third. marlin bird. former a. out to dead center. it's a 5-1 game. thethon last of the 12 strike out. leave after 6. just one run. if give up the runs. cherry on top. tomlinson. first career homer is a grand slam check out the smile on the face. hits home plate. later this is a dream
9:55 pm
come true. sure is. 9-1 the final. 2 of 3 from the red hot cubs. san francisco won 15 of the last 18 at home. zack favor to win the cy young award head of 7 inning 4 hits no run. improved to friend and 3. donors scored once in the second inning and this was enough in 1 nothing victory. couple key injuries though. necessity contusion foregone sol east. reaggravate the hamstring. 2 and a half games back of l.a. in the west. season against a week from saturday at north west and for third straight season kevin will start under center. fifth year senior decideed to return for final season in mid januar january. reason rather simple. he loves it at stanford. >> keep it. that's some of the athlete speed power that you have been talking about with stanford quarterback.
9:56 pm
>> stay or not to stay that was the question for kevin hogan following the mvp performance in last year foster farm. >> a lot of things went in it. talk to my family. talking to coaches. former team mates. team current temperature mates. just want to get all the information possible. i didn't want to leave any stone unturned and just want to make sure the i wouldn't regret coming back. if in the end you can't regret coming back. >> ultimately the fifth year senior decided to stay due to unfinished business. stanford 8 and 5 record mirror hogan inconsistency in 2014. coincided with the loss of father to cancer. >> for hogan returning to the familiar family on the farm was more important than entering the nfl draft. if very specia
9:57 pm
special. about. >> classroom and very tight knit locker room. >> ize hoping the contrary comes full circle after taking over luck in 2012 and led cardinal to first rose bowl win since 1972. if out hear first time and 5 years. >> i love every second of it. >> nfl. in colorado. day 2 of of the nineers joint practice with the broncos. team the my saturday night. john elway. general manager these days said after today practice he's always liked collin. special player kind of interesting considering the denver defense seem to get the better of cap in the niner offense today. the. >> not a good practice. but we'll watch it for the training camp practice are for. get
9:58 pm
better. >> first of 4 tournament to decide failure cup watson played with bay and spieth 5 under 65. tied the lead with 3 others. spieth first rownd in years. 4 over 74 he's tied for 95. the darrell talk instance passed away. we have the brick away rim today is barrel talk instance. he's so ferocious constantly shattering backboard back in the late 70's and mid 80's. power dunker. he was 58. >> world championship beijing. the aftermath we showed awe but here's the actual finish. bolt beat this with the run. this remind me of the austin power movie. when he said honestly who throw as shoe. the seeing which on a track. if he's oka
9:59 pm
okay. unbelievable. 7 sports report brought to you by toyot toyota. now getting back. >> the photographer. >> could have been really bad but the giants they have got the cardinals starting tomorro tomorrow. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us. >> for drew and all of us we >> for drew and all of us we appreciate your time.
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